What is your shipping policy?

Most orders include shipping & customs, unless client specifies otherwise.

If the Carbon Laser or Fiber Laser ordered matches the specifications of one that we have in storage at our warehouse in Commerce, CA, then we are able to ship it to you within two days.

If the Laser will need to be specially manufactured at our fabrication facility in Jinan, Shandong, most orders take under 1 month to build. We take a 30% down-payment to initiate manufacture of your order. Once manufactured, we take the remaining 70% to initiate shipping it to the USA, which takes about 2 more weeks, and from there are able to ship it to your facility.

Unless it is an order that requires special customization and you have been alerted otherwise prior to sale, orders should reach you in no more than 2 months, and significantly less if we have the Laser already in stock at our Commerce, CA warehouse.

What are your payment options?

We take 30% down-payment to initiate manufacture of your Carbon Laser or Fiber Laser at our fabrication facility, and the additional 70% after manufacture before shipping it to you.

We work with many USA based Financing Partners that specialize in financing commercial & industrial equipment, such as Balboa Capital, Partners Capital, Amerifund and others, which can work with you on tailoring to your finance and cash-flow needs. For example, some lenders can provide deferred payment options, postponing payments up to 6 months if necessary, so you can expand your equipment with a Laser to meet the contract, and pay for the equipment with the funds earned off that contract.

Do you have any warranty on your product?

All our Fiber Lasers include a 2-yr warranty.

All our Carbon Laser have a 1-yr warranty, except for the glass tube which has a 10-month warranty.

Additional Warranties can be purchased.

What happens if the laser tube is broken after I buy the machine?

Carbon Laser Tubes are fragile, and a break when sending the completed machine is not unheard of. We stock Laser Tubes at our facility in Commerce, CA, and can easily resend you a new tube within two days of notice.

Do you offer any after sales service?

For Fiber Lasers, we will always send a technician to help with installation and on-site training so you are familiar with using the laser for the jobs you intend.

Follow-up technical-assistance, trouble-shooting, and additional training (for either Carbon Lasers or Fiber Lasers) can be reached at our stateside technical facility via videochat if you are outside of the SoCal region, or in person by coming into our Demo Center in Commerce, CA. In some circumstances we may send a technician to you.

Technicians are available free of charge, however if the Laser is out of warranty, additional parts & labor-cost may be accrued.

How about the installation and training for fiber laser machine?

We send a USA-Based Technician to oversee installation and help with on-site training to ensure proper use of your Fiber Laser. They can review proper use of the machine, different applications, and answer any questions you might have in order to use the Fiber Laser machine as designed.

Can I buy laser parts from you?

Yes, just give us a call or send us an email.

What kind of laser tube you are using for your machine?

We use RECI for our Laser Tubes on our Carbon Lasers.

What kind of fiber laser source your are using for your fiber laser cutting machine?

For Fiber Lasers, we use Raycus or IPG as the laser source.

What repair & technical support do you offer?

我们为产品提供技术支持和维修both in warranty and beyond warranty, however parts that are replacement for items out of warranty will cost.

For parts stockpiled at our American Warehouse, we can ship within 1 day of inquiry for USA support. For parts ordered from China, we can have them shipped within 5 days of inquiry for USA support.

USA based Tech Experts are available during standard business hours of operation.

Can you provide referrals of your current clients using your lasers?

Yes, we can gladly provide referrals of our current USA Clients, however we would want to know what type of laser you are considering to provide a relevant referral that most closely matches the equipment/purpose you are looking to fulfill.

What are the benefits of Senfeng Laser that set them apart from competitors?

Senfeng Laser designs & builds their own lasers in-house, meaning you’re never paying for redistributing fees. We source certain components (such as Laser Source or Laser Tube) from Raycus, IPG, or RECI, buying in large quantities to get them to you at a lower price than a single-order would normally allow, ensuring both quality & cost-effectiveness.

We engineer our own lasers, outsourcing only to proven parts makers that can match our warranty requirements. With years of proven operational success, we are confident our lasers can match competitors in quality at a significantly lower price.

We stock many parts at our state-side Demo & Technical support center, ensuring you’re able to get any needed part shipped from our facility within 1 business day to minimize any downtime.

What type of materials are your lasers used on?

CO2 lasers are used on all types of nonmetals, such as wood, leather, acrylic, plastics, faux-leather, fabrics, and more, including certain thin metals (carbon & stainless steel).

Fiber Lasers are used on all types of precision metal cutting, such as stainless-steel, galvanized-steel, carbon-steel, brass, copper, aluminum, and so on.

What are the benefits of CO2 and Fiber Lasers compared to CNC, Plasma Laser, Waterjet, and Flame cutter?

Compared with other cutters (CNC, Plasma, Waterjet, and Flame Cutters) CO2 and Fiber Lasers cut faster and more precisely, helping you scale-up your production, and increase your precision capabilities, without using more room (and staff) needed for adding additional cutters.

What is Laser Cutting and what is it typically used for?

Laser Cutting is a technology that uses Lasers to precision-cut industrial materials, such as metals (for Fiber Lasers: stainless, galvanized, and carbon steel, aluminum, copper, brass, etc) and non-metals (for CO2 lasers: acrylic, plastics, leather, faux leather, fabric, wood, etc).

Laser cutting allows for greater precision and less design-restrictions (for example, sharper corners, smoother edges, more complex or intricate cutting) than other forms of industrial cutting.

Laser has also been one of the best ways to not just increase precision, but ability to scale-up production demands to meet larger orders.

How deep can a Laser cut?

Though other, less-precise, slower industrial cutters (Plasma, Waterjet, Flame cutter) are commonly used for cutting the thickest materials, Fiber and Carbon Lasers put other cutting technologies to shame when it comes to speed & precision.

Still, new developments in Laser Technology have allowed for more powerful optic concentrations of power, cutting thicker and thicker materials than before. Our 10kw Fiber Laser can cut up to 40mm Carbon Steel & 35mm Stainless Steel & Aluminum, and we make lasers more powerful even than that!