Space Saver Fiber Laser Cutter SF3015H Specifically for International Customers

Great News!

Customized Model 3015H Specifically for International Customers


  • 1) SAVE on Freight: customized 3015H equipment has a width of 2270, a length of 8300, and a height of 2340 with bottom drag. The whole machine can be installed in a 40HQ without frame cabinets, significantly reducing shipping costs and solving the problem of frame cabinets being hard to order.
  • 2) SAVE on installation: the customized 3015H does not need to be dismantled for delivery. Again, for the whole machine, a single complete cabinet is all it needs for shipping and delivering! Being a perfect match for one 40HQ allows effective reduction on equipment installation time and labor cost.
  • 3) SAVE on space.
  • 4) SAVE on cost: The price remains unchanged, same as the existing 3015H!


  • The rear platform adopts the latest H structure, which is more robust and load-bearing.
  • The whole machine is shipped in one container, ensuring the stability of the equipment after installation. Besides the changes in appearance and size, there is no change in other mechanical and electrical configurations. It has the same configuration and performance as the current 3015H.
  • The machine complies with ETL CE FDA safety certification.


  • Fast: The first batch of 5 units is scheduled to be accepted and will be delivered by 2021/1/20.
  • Flexible: Reservations are welcomed at any time.
  • Innovate: Keep on creating better service for our customers continuously brings us to a more leading position in the industry.

This model is one of our own step-forwards to take these words into actions:
Always persisting in R&D and progress, while never stop guarding the future with integrity!

Senfeng & Leiming Laser wish all our customers and friends a HOT START in 2021!

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